The employees of Patriot Development Corporation are our greatest assets. Each of us must work together for the common goal of providing a safe place to work for all employees. Management will provide a safe place to work for all employees. Management will provide a safe working environment by providing each employee with safe equipment, proper training, and safe methods and procedures. We will comply with every applicable standard and government regulation.


The order of precedence is Safety, Quality, and then Production. Never sacrifice safety for gains in quality or production. Never sacrifice quality of work for gain in production. Strive for perfection in safety, excellence in quality of work, and good production.


Our work is dangerous. Be aware of your surroundings and look out for others. Our workplace is only as safe as the least safe person onsite. Know who that person is and reach out to them.


By following the policies in our Safety Manual and exhibiting general safe practices, we can make Patriot Development Corporation a safe and enjoyable place to work.



Donald L. Gillis


Patriot Development Corporation





The Safety Manual can be viewed below and the Updated Safety Data Sheet can be found here.




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